On Your Furniture

I had my first sexual experience when I was really fucken young with the arm rest of my family’s couch. As I got older I found out I wasn’t the only person that got off with pieces of furniture. I love that I get to create sexy content that comes from my experiences and with people who are so amazing! For me, sexual acts don't need to have a face or come attached with feelings that are more than pleasure and good time, which for me brings happiness. 

When I was a teen my older sister would tell me that it was impossible to be friends with someone you've fucked, but as I started engaging in my own relationships and having lovers there was nothing I disagreed with more...well there are lots of things that my sisters believe in now that I also disagree with but yeah lol I can most definitely be friends with someone I've had a sexual interaction with and I can most definitely enjoy sex with someone I do not have any feelings towards other than they are an amazing human being and I'm stoked they exist. I want to make my erotica friend-friendly. 

Here is my new video 


music by Nilou Rahmani- @nerdlou 


Holy Threesome

Models: Flannery, Tetra, George

Models: Flannery, Tetra, George

I've been really happy lately and loving the support and understanding of my work. I didn't know how my audience was going to feel about the new imagery I have been creating and it's cool that people are into it and I like that some people are not. I'm working on a bunch of stuff and appreciating the collaborations and the people who are down to get naughty with me and the people that buy my zines, and my prints. I love you all!

Recently, people have been thanking me a lot for helping them accept some of the feelings they've been having about wanting different things in life, and sexually. I always love talking to new people and listening so if you want to say anything to me, send me a message! Also, looking for a pen pal somewhere in the world. 



knot by George @patchstache

knot by George @patchstache

Doll IRL

My mom and older sisters would often tell me growing up that my fatness would only bring loneliness, a hate for sex and the unknowing of love. My family have been wrong about a lot of the things they told me as a kid, that was one of the most incorrect. I am surrounded by some of the most amazing friends, I feel love and it’s awesome! it’s full of happiness and sadness but I love it. I also very much love having sex and I have it very often, I hope that everyone is having the type of relationship with love and sex that they want to have. I want to constantly work on being more loving to myself and embracing what I enjoy so making this video is one of these moments of being me. I want to start working on longer erotica films/videos. 

Sid (which is the name I am giving him due to personal privacy) and I went to middle school together, I hadn’t spoken to him since the 8th grade, I saw him once in the 9th grade while I was in the back of a police car being arrested for ditching. This was over 10 years ago, so his DM came as a surprise. I love surprises and it happened at such a great time. Sid and I discussed the details and I came up with this story. This beautiful IRL Doll. 

Getting this done was so cool! and the day was rad. I enjoy talking to old friends that I can share and not shy away the person that I am now. It’s also a plus when I came smoke weed with them and enjoy our time together because who the fuck knows if it will ever happen again. Thanks Sid!!! 



Music by JC Ghouls

The Mouth's Hunger

I have been sitting on this footage from both of these shoots for some time now, and finally it came together in a way that I love! and finding the right music for it was very important. Thanks Julian! (LIMMS) this was so perfect. 

My mouth is one of my favorite tools, I use it a lot haha. My parents have a lot of stories of me when I was a kid that, one of the ones they love sharing is that from the ages of 3-6 I would bite, nibble or chew on a lot of items and people too lmao! I love hearing it because it makes so much sense, I don’t remember doing any of those things but it sounds like me. Just last week Jim and I took some acid and I couldn’t stop biting into him. And if you read my blog you would know my emphasis in mouth play. So here is this video. 

Models: Angelica Rose & Miss Misty 

Music: LIMMS- https://createdbylimms.bandcamp.com/


Model: Roxanne

Model: Roxanne

I was interviewed yesterday by a magazine about my work and one of their questions was...how do I come up with this stuff hahaha...there are a lot of every day things and people that inspire me but most of the time the ideas come to me in my sleep lol seriously, there are nights that I am stressed and thinking about what I am going to do next and I'll go sleep, have awesome dreams and wake up with ideas and I put them together how I visually want to see them. Usually they're about how sex makes me feel and how I want to portray that. But my work is always open for interpretation. 

Roxanne contacted me and she was perfect for this and what I had in mind. Deandri sent me a few goodies a few weeks back to add to my shoots, so I was so stoked that I was using their Collarband Harness and it looks so beautiful just like I pictured. 



Your Mouth as a Tool

It's normal to have shitty days, today is one of those days for me. I'll probably smoke a few joints and get over it but until then I hate everything :)

I have a few new sets that I have to develop, edit and release but I am lagging on all of that so here are some photos that I never got around to releasing- also because I'm anal about my work and I accidentally developed these rolls with old developer and it messed with the grain but fuck it! 

Models; Jamie and Christy 

As most of you know, I have a thing for the mouth. I have a very strong oral fixation. And also a love for cum shots. So here I played with the two.