Doll IRL

My mom and older sisters would often tell me growing up that my fatness would only bring loneliness, a hate for sex and the unknowing of love. My family have been wrong about a lot of the things they told me as a kid, that was one of the most incorrect. I am surrounded by some of the most amazing friends, I feel love and it’s awesome! it’s full of happiness and sadness but I love it. I also very much love having sex and I have it very often, I hope that everyone is having the type of relationship with love and sex that they want to have. I want to constantly work on being more loving to myself and embracing what I enjoy so making this video is one of these moments of being me. I want to start working on longer erotica films/videos. 

Sid (which is the name I am giving him due to personal privacy) and I went to middle school together, I hadn’t spoken to him since the 8th grade, I saw him once in the 9th grade while I was in the back of a police car being arrested for ditching. This was over 10 years ago, so his DM came as a surprise. I love surprises and it happened at such a great time. Sid and I discussed the details and I came up with this story. This beautiful IRL Doll. 

Getting this done was so cool! and the day was rad. I enjoy talking to old friends that I can share and not shy away the person that I am now. It’s also a plus when I came smoke weed with them and enjoy our time together because who the fuck knows if it will ever happen again. Thanks Sid!!! 



Music by JC Ghouls