We Shed

Hey y’all, it has been a while since I have been here but if you are a member to my site you have been keeping updated with my work and my films on a monthly basis. If you are not a member yet…you are missing out. These last few years have been about growing, changing, becoming the new me so I wanted to shoot something that was visually about shedding and letting go of and old skin/an old self but also use one of my favorites, pantyhose encasement.

Bree was perfect for this shoot because of her current pregnant body because this is not only about growing within yourself but an overall growth of life and this was beautiful.

Note this is not a “maternity” shoot, this is a shoot with the beautiful model who is pregnant.

Model: Bree @baeleche

Model: Bree @baeleche


I'll Tell You

Models: Brissa Breezy & Henry Castillo

Models: Brissa Breezy & Henry Castillo

Consent is so important ya’ll! What you want and feel matters the most, always remember that.

On a personal note, since I’ve been unapologetic about voicing what is in my mind and doing what I feel best, I’ve been way happier.

Enjoy this set with Brissa and Henry ;) it comes with a tiny clip for funsies!


Hi, 2019

Hey y’all,

It’s me again…here is a little something to start the year. 2018 was a great year even though it ended in pain. I completed my first year of my members only site, a year of making art porn films, a year of hiring folks and making my dreams come to life in my creations. And it couldn’t have happened without you. We will see what this year brings.

Enjoy. Besos.

Model: Miss Misty

Model: Miss Misty


I'm Here

Model: Jimi Rage

Model: Jimi Rage

Hey y’all! I feel like it has been a very long time since the last time we spoke BUT if you’re a member or you follow me on IG…I was always here!

I have been making films and settling into a new home. And to break my new place in I asked Jimi to come over and shoot.

This collab was the result of IG working its magic of bringing people together.


An Assorment

It's that time again for my monthly blog post! As I was looking at my archives I noticed that I have 35mm film stills of some of my members only films that no one has seen. Next week I will release my 14th film since the launch!!! So for this month's post I will show you some of those photos...and it's only a few because I'm liking having an assortment of them after a few months! Remember that you can become a member and watch all my films! join me here

This month was Outfest! and that was an amazing experience once again. I got to meet some of you and I looooveeee when that happens. Also, I have an installation coming up in August(in Oakland)...join my mailing list to get the details on that. Ok. Ok. ENJOY *besitos




Models: Plastic Candy & Shamon Cassette

Models: Plastic Candy & Shamon Cassette

Hey everyone!

Here is my monthly post before June is over. I've been hella busy but it feels good to have shit to do. My trip to Paris was amazing and I got back to make this shoot happen for ya'll. Before I left I hung out with Shamon, and if you didn't know, Shamon makes rad ass hats so he is always rocking one. While we were hanging, he took his hat off and underneath that sick ass hat, was Shamon's sick ass bald head. I immediately felt a rush of tingles throughout my body and I knew that I had to use his head for a bald head fetish shoot. I don't know if bald heads usually turn people on but uhhh they're so fucken hott so I had to make this vision and desire of mine come into fruition. 

Lux and I had been wanting to work together for awhile and when I found out they were living in L.A now I knew she would be perfect for this shoot with Shamon and iIT WAS fucken perfect! 

So yeah, our desires and wants can be always be changing and I love being open to discovering and accepting them. And I'm seriously so damn in awe and filled with appreciation that I get to meet and work with people that allow me to be myself as the creator. 

So here is the set!!! ... and it comes with a video so go to the "XXX" tab on my site to watch it!! It's my new favorite way to give and get head. 


Baby Trouble

Hiiii Everyone, did you miss me?

OMG! I'm so sorry I have been MIA, it's looking like I'm updating my blog once a month and I kind of don't like that, I'm going to try to do 2 blog posts a month, hopefully I can keep that up. Buuuttt I do release 2 films a month so it's making sense where my time is, if you want to keep up with my work, I would say get that membership :) 

I know tons of you have been waiting for me to release this set and I've kept you waiting long enough, so here it is.

Okay, but before I get there let me update you on what I have coming up. I will be in Paris fucken France from May 24th-29th, I'll be doing some work stuff out there, but like fun work stuff cause I love my work and it's always so much fun! If you live out there, let me know! Let's shoot, let's get high...oh am I going to get weed in Paris. FUCK!...I'll keep you posted and also I will have more info on what I will be doing there a little later. 

ALRIGHT, Aqui Esta...Baby Trouble featuring included (go to the XXX tab on my site)




Model: Madison Jones  Photographer Assistant: Luka Fisher 

Model: Madison Jones

Photographer Assistant: Luka Fisher 

Last month, I was invited to CALARTS to be part of a lecture on body performance and modern porn, the lecture was rad and having a group of students in the Masters program watch my films and ask me questions was pretty fucken amazing, after that awesome opportunity I squeezed in this shoot with Madison who was also part of the lecture that day. With so much going on in our government with porn, sex work, and really our safety as women I decided on this concept. It's scary right now and we really need to stick together and stop the shaming of sex workers and pay attention and open our minds to the reality that sex workers are fucken HUMAN BEINGS!!! 




ON TOP (includes video)


Model: KY

Here are some photos of my shoot with Ky (@ultrashook) that are part of my video that I did of them as well. As part of my "MASTURBATION MARCH" series this month go check out the video on the "XXX" tab, up on the corner there *points up to the left of the screen*, which is where my free videos are! Ky is a sick ass artist and I'm stoked that I got to work with them before they moved. 

Watch the video, get a sense of my work and sign up to become a member to watch all my other art porn films that are exclusive to members. There will be 2 new films this month for "MASTURBATION MARCH" don't miss out! 



ME + Peachfuzz Magazine

These photos are from a very sold out issue of Peachfuzz Magazine that I shot and co-directed. This shoot was so much fun to put together and the results were amazing!! If you didn't get your copy of the magazine here are some of the photos for you to see. 

I am continuously asked about these images and I just thought it was time to let you see them!!

ps: It is really cool to see how my work has changed, I am in love with my brain. 

Models- Alejandra Guerrero, Jarae Holieway, Chloe Feller, Ariel Jimenez and Nilou Rahmani


Dick Queen


When I was young and I found out that some humans have dicks, I really wanted one. My mom tried to explain to me why I didn't, of course most of her explanation had everything to do with "gender" and well...she said...I wasn't born a boy, but a penis doesn't define a boy or a man. 

The first time I had a sexual encounter with someone that had a cock, I was even more fascinated. I am in love with that organ, the way it comes out of our bodies, the way it hardness and softens and moves, it's pretty fucken amazing. Hey, I love a lot of our organs, our bodies are fucken sick!!! 

The really cool thing about our genitals though, when it comes to sex is that they don't have to be part of our bodies to cause pleasure, toys can do it too. When I had my first sexual encounter with someone that wasn't born with a dick and we used a dildo, the pleasure was also so wonderful. 

We are wonderful beings and we can give and receive pleasure so many ways, and our genitals don't define us or our pleasures. 

5PICT0005 2-2.jpg


Welcome to my new blog, aside from the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my old blog to my new one, it feels good to start fresh. I love the feeling of being back!!!
I’m so excited to launch this new site, created by the amazing Andrew Quesada. Seriously, I have to give him a shout out for doing exactly what I wanted. Thanks Andrew!

I had the idea for this site after being censored time and time again by Instagram and when Vimeo kicked me out I knew I had to make this site happen and here it is!

I haven’t completed decided what I’m going to talk about on here, on my old blog I use to write a little story about the featured shoot and something about my life and my thoughts. I want to switch it up a bit. I’ll think about that more. Let me know what you want to read about.

I have lots of shoots that I’ve done and lots that I have scheduled and for the most part they all include a video excluding this one, most of my videos are now only going to be part of my paid’s totally worth it! That paid membership will get you all my XXX content and if you look at my art and it turns you on, you should definitely check out that section. <3

I’m going to start off this blog with these photos, there's not a lot but I love them. I have a huge bird phobia, one day I hope to be able to surpass this fear but after 20 years the fear only seems to get here’s me trying to take a step forward.