Dick Queen


When I was young and I found out that some humans have dicks, I really wanted one. My mom tried to explain to me why I didn't, of course most of her explanation had everything to do with "gender" and well...she said...I wasn't born a boy, but a penis doesn't define a boy or a man. 

The first time I had a sexual encounter with someone that had a cock, I was even more fascinated. I am in love with that organ, the way it comes out of our bodies, the way it hardness and softens and moves, it's pretty fucken amazing. Hey, I love a lot of our organs, our bodies are fucken sick!!! 

The really cool thing about our genitals though, when it comes to sex is that they don't have to be part of our bodies to cause pleasure, toys can do it too. When I had my first sexual encounter with someone that wasn't born with a dick and we used a dildo, the pleasure was also so wonderful. 

We are wonderful beings and we can give and receive pleasure so many ways, and our genitals don't define us or our pleasures. 

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