Models: Plastic Candy & Shamon Cassette

Models: Plastic Candy & Shamon Cassette

Hey everyone!

Here is my monthly post before June is over. I've been hella busy but it feels good to have shit to do. My trip to Paris was amazing and I got back to make this shoot happen for ya'll. Before I left I hung out with Shamon, and if you didn't know, Shamon makes rad ass hats so he is always rocking one. While we were hanging, he took his hat off and underneath that sick ass hat, was Shamon's sick ass bald head. I immediately felt a rush of tingles throughout my body and I knew that I had to use his head for a bald head fetish shoot. I don't know if bald heads usually turn people on but uhhh they're so fucken hott so I had to make this vision and desire of mine come into fruition. 

Lux and I had been wanting to work together for awhile and when I found out they were living in L.A now I knew she would be perfect for this shoot with Shamon and iIT WAS fucken perfect! 

So yeah, our desires and wants can be always be changing and I love being open to discovering and accepting them. And I'm seriously so damn in awe and filled with appreciation that I get to meet and work with people that allow me to be myself as the creator. 

So here is the set!!! ... and it comes with a video so go to the "XXX" tab on my site to watch it!! It's my new favorite way to give and get head.